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McLaren MP4-12C

We at Auto Obsessed are extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work on the very first McLaren MP4-12C in Edmonton. This vehicle required a quick detail for a photoshoot scheduled for the following day so 4 hours were spent touching up the vehicle.

Upon arrival, it was clear the vehicle required some work before heading off for a photoshoot.
Insects on the front bumper:

Mud found on the rocker panels:

Wheels needed to be cleaned:

To begin this detail, we started with the wheels and tires using P21s Wheel Cleaner Gel for a gentle clean:

Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner to lift dirt off the tires:

RaceGlaze brushes were used for the brake calipers and the rotors:

Next, the vehicle was foamed using a gentle dilution of Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss:

Then washed using the two bucket method and a soft RaceGlaze Sheepskin Mitt:
Spotless rinse water was used to ensure no harsh minerals and contaminants was left on the vehicle:

PPM measurements with untreated water:

PPM measurements with treated water:

Rinsed off:

The vehicle was then dried with the Master Blaster; by not touching the paint you greatly reduce the chances of inducing defects:

Engine bay was quicky touched up:

With the wash complete we turned our attention to the the interior and finer details. Here the finer interior details were attended to:

Plenty of polish and/or wax residue was found throughout the vehicle which were removed using a combination of Victoria Wax Quick Detailer and CarPro Eraser:

Phil removing residue found along the weather stripping:
The finished product, courtesy of Nathan: