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Auto detailing technique - how to clean leather car seats with Swissvax Leather Cleaner

February 23, 2013

The red leather upholstery on the seats and doors in this BMW M3 were shiny, hard and dark with dirt and oil from the driver's skin and clothes. Watch how we cleaned the leather and made it look new, soft and matte using Swissvax Leather Cleaner and Leather Milk.

How to clean your leather car seats with Swissvax Leather Cleaner:

  1. Vacuum your leather seats carefully to remove any lose bits of dirt from the surface.
  2. Spray Swissvax Leather Cleaner directly onto the leather surface, spread evenly over the area.
  3. If the leather is very dirty, gently agitate the surface with the Swissvax Cleaning Brush.
  4. Wipe in one direction with a clean white cloth to remove cleaner and residue.
  5. Allow the leather to dry completely before finishing the cleaning and conditioning process with Swissvax Leather Milk leather treatment.
  6. Put a small amount of Swissvax Leather Milk onto an applicator pad and apply the Leather Milk to one section of the seat.
  7. Evenly distribute Leather Milk over the entire surface of the leather in this manner.
  8. Let the Leather Milk soak into the leather and dry (10 minutes to 12 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity).
  9. For best long-term results, clean and condition your car's leather with Swissvax Leather Cleaner and Leather Milk at least once a year.

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