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BMW M3 Convertible

This 2001 BMW M3 Convertible has undergone an extensive paint correction and detail by Auto Obsessed. The black paint of this M3 is extremely soft resulting in heavy defects present throughout the paint. A total of 30 hours was spent on the vehicle including an extensive paint correction, wheels, ragtop, and interior detail.

A quick look at the paint revealed the extent of the paint defects:

To begin this detail, the vehicle was foamed and washed using Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss to remove any wax/sealants present on the paint:

Next Ragtopp cleaner and a horsehair brush was used to clean the top:

With the vehicle dried, we began with the paint correction:
Paint thinkness measurements were taken to ensure the paint was healthy for correction:

Trunk before:


Quarter panel before:

Driver side door before:




Front fender before:


With the paint correction completed it was time to focus our attention to the wheels. The vehicle was put on a lift and the wheels were taken off to be cleaned:

Spot polishing was performed to remove defects present on the wheels:



Wheels cleaned and coated with Gtechniq Wheel Armour:
While the wheels were off the wheel wells were detailed using 1z W99:


Next the interior was detailed and vacuumed:


Engine bay wiped down:

With the interior completed we coated the Ragtop with Raggtopp Fabric Protectant:

Finaly, Swissvax Shield was applied to the paint to provide 6 months of protection: