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Auto detailing technique - how to wash your car

May 11, 2013

Video guide showing best methods to wash your car. Watch this demonstration to see professional best practice car wash techniques in action from start to finish.

How to wash your carHow to wash your car:

  1. Rinse the car to remove loose debris and to wet the surface of the car.
  2. Spray foam shampoo on the car with a Foam Cannon.
  3. Wash the car with a two-bucket system (one bucket for rinse water and another with shampoo solution).
  4. To minimize contact and scratches from grit and fine debris, use more than one wash mitt or sponge.
  5. With your first wash medium, start washing at the top of the car. Wash the roof and upper body down to the car's shoulder line. Wash a small section with one side of the wash medium, turn it over and continue onto a second small section with the other side.
  6. Rinse the wash medium in the rinse bucket, refresh it with new soap in the shampoo solution bucket and continue washing.
  7. When the top part of the body has been washed, change to a new wash medium (a new sponge or mitt) and wash the middle section in the same fasion.
  8. When you reach the bottom quarter of the car, the dirtiest part of the car, switch to your third wash medium. Use this last media to wash the bottom of the doors, quarter panels, bumpers and wheel wells.
  9. Rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer. Use filtered water if possible for a spotless rinse.
  10. Dry the vehicle. Use drying microfibers or chamois. Air drying is best, Auto Obsessed recommends the Metro Master Blaster car dryer.
  11. You now have a clean car! If this was a maintenance wash, take it for a drive and enjoy your clean car. Otherwise, you can continue with claying, waxing and sealing.

Note: if you are washing on a warm day or direct sunlight, rinse the car frequently to prevent water and soap from drying on the car's surface.

Recommended products for washing your car:

This video is presented for instructional and educational purposes only. Auto Obsessed accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused in reliance upon such information, application or services. As your results may vary from ours, always know your own product and application and ensure that all techniques used are suitable for your purposes as your results may vary from ours.

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