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Auto detailing tutorial - how to use detailing clay to remove contaminants from your car

August 5, 2013

This tutorial guide shows how and why to use detailing clay on your car. Test an area, apply lubrication and then run the clay over the surface to shear off any embedded contaminants in the paint to make surface perfectly smooth. When you're done claying the vehicle, you can begin polishing the car to correct scratches and imperfections in the paint's clear coat or simply apply a Last Step Product like a wax, lacquer coating, nano coating or sealant.

How to use a detailing clay bar to remove deposits and contaminants from your vehicle's paint:

  1. Wash your vehicle and use chemical decontamination products like CarPro Tar-X and Iron-X to prepare the car's surface for claying.
  2. Apply clay lubricant and inspect the surface of the vehicle with your fingertips. For an easier inspection, put on a pair of nitrile gloves or use a plastic shopping bag to amplify the sensation and make it easier for your fingers to feel where you need to use clay on the car.
  3. When you've identified the areas that need to be clayed, break off a piece of clay (ultra-fine grade) from your bar and form it into a flat disc.
  4. Always test the clay on a small area of the vehicle to ensure it won't cause any scratches or damage to the paint.
  5. Apply lubricant and gently run your clay disc over a small area of the car's surface. Use short, diagonal back-and-forth motions across the area until you can't feel or hear the clay picking up any more embedded contaminants off the paint.
  6. Use your fingers to inspect the surface. If you don't feel any imperfections and the paint feels perfectly smooth, you're ready to move on to a new area.
  7. Inspect your clay. If it's very dirty and full of contaminants, fold it over and create a new flat disc with a clean surface.
  8. If you find that the ultra-fine grade clay is not picking up all the contaminants off the paint surface, switch to a coarser fine or medium grade clay.
  9. NB: If you accidentally drop your clay on the floor or ground, it will be contaminated with grit or sand. Discard it and break off a new piece of clay and create a new disc to continue with.

Recommended products for cleaning your car with clay:

This video is presented for instructional and educational purposes only. Auto Obsessed accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused in reliance upon such information, application or services. As your results may vary from ours, always know your own product and application and ensure that all techniques used are suitable for your purposes as your results may vary from ours.

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